It was my good fortune over a decade ago to walk into Lynnell Wold’s office. I suppose the deer in the headlights look of a lost and confused soul gave me away. Lynnell welcomed me in. Immediately, I was put at ease and felt like I had come to the right place. My work hours were being cut back and health insurance through work was tenuous With Lynn’s help I was able to come up with a game plane and have continuous health care.

Over the years Lynn has guided me through the health care system. It is much easier to negotiate the mine field we call health care insurance, when you have sound advice, a map and a Fateful Guide to lead one through the mountain of policies and choices. Pre-medicare, medicare/social security and work. Lynn has always been there. No matter how confused and frustrated I may be, Lynn has always come to my rescue. Don’t know how I would have survived without her! She listens, soaks it all in and in the middle of a friendly conversation, she checks her computer, runs off some copies, crunches some numbers and makes the necessary changes. Painless, Precise, savvy, and friendly. I have always walked out of Lynn’s office feeling like I had a plan.

Lynnell is a superb health insurance guide, but an even better person. This client awards Lynnell Wold FIVE STARS!

Bill Bennett

We have known Stephen for about 6 yrs as our medicare advisor.. He is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable in his understanding of the complexity of the many medicare plans..Stephen goes the extra mile in researching drug prices and what would be the best plan for our individual health needs. We are so grateful for this man..His guidance and wisdom has assisted us in making smart decisions that affect our life choices. Stephen listens to us and designs a comprehensive plan that not only meets our health needs but our financial issues as well. He truly cares and it shows..We highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a smart, knowledgeable and caring individual.

David and Kay West

Meg is respectful while providing the best savings for her clients.

Sherry Ransom

I’ve worked insurance for various private practice providers all my life but found since retiring and attempting to navigate the convoluted Medicare options, this is an entirely different ballgame. Craig Lenhart patiently, competently, and thoughtfully dissected and clarified how to select coverage based on my personal needs both medically and financially. He exemplifies compassionate work ethic. A breath of fresh air. What a blessing!